• Financial Troubles

    Talking Heads:
    Use the source (no really, use the source!), and ask yourself, what's next?

    Showdown of Destiny:
    You're fighting with it now, but ultimately you'll prevail. There's a number of fights there, see if you can name them.

    Dodgy Donuts:
    Are you working in a group? Maybe your group is missing a key member.

    The Words of Asphalt:
    Keep track of how long you've been pounding the Pavement.

    Do I Do:
    If you find the solo is pushing your buttons, close your eyes, stop listening, and feel your way through it.

  • Strange Applications

    Julius Caesar:
    Make sure you go and see what's missing.

    Ed Wood:
    Each member of this ensemble cast had some relevant previous experience.

    Bo Obama:
    After you've figured out what's on the menu, take a look at the leftover ingredients and remember that the first bite is always the best.

    Pac Man:
    On the Berkeley campus, it's a worthwhile point to know where your food comes from.

    Mari and Timmy:
    If you find yourself at sea, do let your enthusiasm flag.

  • Hostile Takeover

    The text was encrypted by Blaise's cipher.

    The Spear of Time and Fire:
    The paths that each of the characters have traveled throughout the series are very interesting.

    We Regents really want to know all the titles of the songs, and why some are negative while others are positive.

    Come play Mario Kart:
    After you have won your certificate, there is still a puzzle to be solved.

    It's all Greek to me:
    My phone keypad is dirty. Every time I move from number to number it leaves streaks.

    One thing from column 1 and one thing from column 2 forms something in column 3, and then...