• Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2017 Postponed

    The 2017 hunt is officially being postponed. Traditionally the Berkeley Mystery Hunt has been held in the Spring the weekend after classes end, and we had hoped to be able to finish this year's hunt in time to run it then, but were unable to do so. Some questions people might have:

    • Are people still working on creating the hunt?
      Yes, there are people working on creating it. Fortunately, some volunteers stepped forward in response to an earlier request asking for more people to help write and run the hunt. But of course we could always use more people in order to keep something like this sustained.

    • Were you close to finishing it on time?
      No, not even close.

    • Was it going to be a Pokemon themed hunt?
      Not telling.

    • Will the hunt be rescheduled?
      As soon as we finish it, we will figure out when to run it.

    • Could there be a Fall 2017 Berkeley Mystery Hunt?
      Yes, that is a distinct possibility, assuming the hunt is finished. If not, then we will aim for resuming our Spring 2018 schedule and 2017 will continue it's trend of the unexpected.

    • If there is a Fall 2017 Berkeley Mystery Hunt, will there be a Spring 2018 Mystery Hunt?
      That's a possibility. Assuming we have the people to keep writing and running it.

    • Is this all an elaborate rouse as part of a secret throw away theme?
      Afraid not.

    • Is it too late to try and help out?
      Not at all. We are always looking for people to help write and run the hunt.

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Who are we?

  • We are a group of students and alums who enjoy writing and solving puzzles. These aren't your garden variety sudokus or crosswords though -- these typically come without instructions. Figuring out what to do with the information you are given is often the crux of the puzzle itself. For more information on these puzzles, check out the introduction to our feature in the Daily Cal.

    Our main event is the annual Berkeley Mystery Hunt, a 12 hour puzzle solving competiton based on the MIT Mystery Hunt. Teams of up to 10 try to solve puzzles as fast as they can to ultimately lead them to an item of interest hidden somewhere on campus.

    Are you interested in joining us?