• What it is

    The Berkeley Mystery Hunt is a puzzle solving competition. It is similar to any of a number of other puzzle hunts such as the Google Games or Microsoft Campus Puzzle Challenge (CPC) held on campus, or the Bay Area Night Game (BANG) or Different Area Same Hunt (DASH) events held in the community.

    See the FAQs and links for further background.

  • How it works

    The Hunt is a 12 hour puzzle solving competiton based on the MIT Mystery Hunt. Teams of up to 10 try to solve puzzles as fast as they can to ultimately lead them to an item of interest hidden somewhere on campus.

    The puzzles in this hunt aren't your usual garden variety sudokus or crosswords though -- these typically come without instructions. These puzzles can involve anything from logical reasoning to identifying pop culture references to running around campus. Figuring out what to do with the information you are given is often the crux of the puzzle itself. For more information on these puzzles, check out the introduction to our feature in the Daily Cal.

  • When it will be

    We run our hunt twice a year: once for Berkeley students in early May and once for the public in mid-July. While you wait for the next run, you can keep yourself entertained with our column in the Daily Cal.

  • Who we are

    We are a group of students and alums who enjoy writing and solving puzzles. Our main event is the annual Berkeley Mystery Hunt, and we also write the weekly column "Fiat Enigma". We also solve puzzles recreationally and participate in other hunts on and off campus.

    Are you interested in joining us?