Solution to Birds over Carcassonne

By Josiah Schwab

This puzzle consists of an image of a 5 player game of Carcassonne. You know it is the end of the game because all 72 tiles present in the base set have been played. (This puzzle uses the linked 3rd edition English rules, though there were intentionally not any farmers present to prevent confusion for those who know older editions of the rules.)

At the end of a game of Carcasonne, remaining meeples (wooden figures) score points. If you calculate the score for each of the meeples, you observe that if a color has N meeples present, each meeple of that color has a unique score in the interval 1 to N (inclusive).

On the same page as the endgame scoring rules, a manifest of the tiles is present. Each Carcassonne tile is associated with a letter of the alphabet. Therefore each meeple can be associated with the letter of the tile that it is standing on. Within a given color, a meeple's score tells you how to order the letters.

Color Meeples Letters
Red 2 H E
Yellow 5 W O U L D
Green 4 H O L D
Blue 1 A
Black 6 L I T U U S

Each color forms a word and the order of the words is indicated by the meeples accros the top of the image. This gives the clue phrase "HE WOULD HOLD A LITUUS". A lituus is the staff used by Roman augurs, and therefore the answer is AUGUR. This is confirmed by the mention of "Birds" in the title and the mention of "prediction" in the flavortext. (Augurs used the flight of birds to predict the future.)