Plus One

Robert: A package from the professor arrived. All it contained was a note and a trowel.

Alabama: What does the note say?

Robert: "NSF grant approved. Procured one trowel made of unobtainium. It was very expensive. Don't lose it."

Friend or helper Money brought by a bride Official material Meat or June
Ship with three or more masts Elaborate style of music or art Smart or witty Ready to use out of the box
Lightning or a football play Severe lack One who wants to lose Contains two RCOOR'
Indicates insertion Pancake often filled with cheese George's foe Bird in first line of ``Pale Fire''
Fishes with nutritional oil Combination of metals They keep property in the family Aeolian silt
Something you turn Albert and Charming Relating to interior of the ear Innards
Result of a meteorite or a volcano Maker Working with metal Barbital brand name
Precedes rigor mortis Fortune telling deck Mild-mannered Journey
Caused a depression in a surface One who examines dead bodies Result of a population inversion One of the light cavalry
Small boat or type of fish Often made of potatoes Bereavement Floaters are this type of effect
Expressing excessive fondness Marked or indicated Misfolded protein Enduring
Cereal or wood Punctures Colbert's Jansen Non-Jew
Being dejected Textile floor covering Thanksgiving meal Going without
Parts or portions A Brit who stands in line Springlike Artillery weapon
Costs Cleaning the floor Becoming larger Penitentiary
Type of eye on TV Essential or wire fastener
Old, especially bread Female college students
Sour or a loose woman Doing this to the I's