The Story So Far...

[[ This page will be updated throughout the day as you learn more. It is not a puzzle. ]]

The Kickoff

We (the Campus League of Puzzlers) invited you to a celebration of the graduation of one of our members, Ankur Mehta. While we waited for him to arrive, we watched this slideshow. But Ankur never showed up. He's gone missing!

The Thesis

Looking through his thesis, you discovered a hidden message. It led you to Sutardja Dai Hall, where you learned that Ankur had scattered some of his unpublished research papers around campus.

The Notebook

We also found Ankur's lab notebook. We have begun to digitize its pages and post them on this website.

Recording #1

We've recovered this audio fragment. It seems like Ankur was working on a project involving something called "CAL 9000".

Recording #2

We've recovered another audio fragment. It seems that CAL 9000 didn't want Ankur to graduate!

Recording #3

We've recovered a third audio fragment. It seems that CAL 9000 still didn't want Ankur to graduate!

The Discovery

You discovered a message in the papers that Ankur scattered around campus. When you went to West Gate, you discovered that Ankur is being held there by CAL 9000, but that you're going to need to be properly equipped to rescue him.

The Rescue

You're ready to rescue Ankur! It's time for the final showdown with CAL 9000.