A Small Collection of Interesting Items
By Josiah Schwab

Each of the pictures are antique items from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of American Decorative Arts. Identify the items. The title is an acrostic for ASCII and the values of the items mentioned in the flavortext are the sums of the ASCII values of the characters the names (preserving case and including spaces and punctuation). After you calculated the prices, the cents portion of each item should be treated as an ASCII letter.

Image Item Name Value Letter
1 Oval Platter 11.66 B
2 Jacquard-woven Picture 21.79 O
3 Embroidered Sampler 18.78 N
4 Drop-leaf Table 13.78 N
5 Whiskey Mug 10.69 E
6 Crib 3.84 T
7 Scroll flask 11.84 T
8 Writing Armchair 15.79 O
9 Crazy Quilt 10.80 P

These letters spell out the answer BONNET TOP, which is a broken-arch top furniture style frequently featured on highboys.