By Ankur Mehta, graphics by Annelise Beck

The flavortext clues that this puzzle is related to the Fiat Enigma Daily Cal column that ran this semester and that it is somehow related to ads. Each of the Fiat Enigma columns has a fake ad underneath it. The ads, in order of running date, are compiled here [[ pdf ]].

Each ad is for a fictional support group for people with a specific addiction. Each ad has two sentences. Reading down the first letters of the first sentences of the ads spells DO A SUDOKU. Reading down the first letters of the second sentences of the ads spells ROBERT PALMER. And, reading down the first letters of the addictions spells VOLUME ONE. The first phrase suggests that somehow a Sudoku should be assembled. Each ad has a logo on the left side that contains a few letters. These are 3x3 squares with empty spaces and letters that could be assembled into a Sudoku (using letters instead of the digits 1-9). However, one still needs to figure out how to assemble the Sudoku.

The phrases ROBERT PALMER and VOLUME ONE clue how to assemble the Sudoku. Robert Palmer is a musician who released an album called Addictions Volume I. (There is also Addictions Volume II) Each of the ads contains a strange phrase that is a song title from Addictions Volume I. The track numbers of these songs are used to give the order for assembling the Sudoku. The songs and track numbers are listed below.

Ad numberSong titleTrack number
1Addicted to Love3
2Doctor, Doctor1
3Looking for Clues6
5Some Guys Have All The Luck7
6Some Like It Hot8
7Sweet Lies4
8What's It Take9
9Wake Up Laughing5

The Sudoku should be assembled with song 1 in the top left, and the top row is songs 1, 2, and 3. Then, solve the Sudoku. Some of the squares used to assemble it have shaded areas. Read across the shaded areas to get the answer, CHOCOLATE HABIT.