By Michael Pihulic

Each picture has concentric circles representing Hearst Mining Circle and stars at the locations of certain objects. The objects are also clued by the somewhat tortured phrases. First, the objects shown in each picture should be identified. Each picture has an arrow next to it pointing north, and all the pictures are shown in the same orientation. Then, those objects should be matched with a phrase that describes them. Reading the first letter of the phrases in the order that the pictures are shown (down the first column, then down the second column) gives the phrase INDEX BY COUNT. Using the number of objects (or stars shown in the picture) to index into the matching phrase gives the answer JACK NICKLAUS. Jack Nicklaus is also known as the "Golden Bear", which suggests that the next location is marked by a yellow bear symbol.

Picture numberIdentificationNumberMatching phrase
1Rings in the sculpture in the center of the pool6InterJoining Rings
2Maps of campus2NAvigator's Guides
3Benches3DeCoder's Temporary Resting Places
4Single lampposts5EureKa! There's Light!
5Single trees6XoanoN Precursors
6Double lampposts2BInary Bulbs
7Crosswalks4You Can Only Cross Here
8Arrows on yellow signs12Cupid's RemarKable Quiver
9Emergency phones2OLd Students Savers
10One Way signs3UnAry Direction Indicators
11Stone trashcans2NUbby Refuse Receptacles
12Manholes5TranSit To the Underworld