By Josiah Schwab, Annelise Beck, and Mikey Pihulic

The video shows a series of clips of a person dancing and forming semaphore letters. There are 24 clips and the person forms the letters A-L (12 letters). Each letter is formed twice. The clips each have one distinct building in the background and are sorted alphabetically by building name. However, the specific location required for the puzzle is the point at which the dancer is standing.

The two locations at which a specific letter is danced can be identified on a map of campus. Then, a semaphore letter can be drawn on the map by connecting those two points using the Campanile as the center (clued by the flavortext). The camera is always pointing the same direction (north on campus) - this is the "up" direction for orienting the semaphore letters. Reading the letters drawn on the map, using the letter that was danced as the ordering, gives the answer AWKWARD FLAIL.

ClipLetter dancedBuilding in background
1IAlumni House
2LAlumni House
3HBarrows Hall
4CBechtel Library
8ADwinelle Hall
9EDwinelle Hall
10JDwinelle Hall
11KEast Asian Library
12HGilman Hall
13BHearst Memorial Mining
14DHearst Memorial Mining
15FLeConte Hall
16BLewis Hall
17DLewis Hall
18FMoffitt Library
19GSoda Hall
20KSouth Hall
21IStanley Hall
22LStanley Hall
23GStephens Hall
24CWheeler Hall
Danced letterLocations to connectLetter formed
ASouth of Campanile - South of DwinelleA
BSouth of Hearst Mining Circle - Lewis HallW
CBechtel Library - Wheeler HallK
DSouth of Hearst Mining Circle - Lewis HallW
ESouth of Campanile - South of DwinelleA
FLeConte Hall - South of Moffitt LibraryR
GSoda Hall - Stephens HallD
HBarrows Hall - Gilman HallF
IAlumni House - Stanley HallL
JSouth of Campanile - South of DwinelleA
KEast Asian Library - South Hall stepsI
LAlumni House - Stanley HallL