By Annelise Beck, with significant help from Josiah Schwab

Each Pokeball is linked to a 5 second clip of a song. Identifying the songs results in a strange set of songs - searching for several of these songs together shows that they are all songs that were covered by Weird Al Yankovic in one of his polka medleys. Each song is in one polka medley, which have a specific order. For example, "Jocko Homo" by Devo is the first song in Weird Al's first medley, "Polkas on 45". The songs are ordered first by in which polka medley they appear, and then by their order within that medley.

The grid of letters in dots below the Pokeballs represents the track listings of the Weird Al polka medleys. There are 11 rows of varying length: the length is the number of songs in each medley. Each song gives a row and column position, from which you can get one letter. For example, "Jocko Homo" would give you the first row, first column, which is the letter T.

Just reading the letters in the order the songs are given is nonsense, so there must be another ordering. On mouseover, each Pokeball displays an image of a Pokemon. The Pokemon are given in Pokedex order. However, these are also the first 20 Pokemon that are listed in Weird Al's song "Polkamon" (another polka!). Resorting by the order that the Pokemon appear in "Polkamon" gives the answer UNLEADED PETROL TANKER.

The title "Dots" clues polka dots. Ha ha ha.

PokeballPosition in song "Polkamon"PokemonSongArtistPolka medley #Position in polka medleyLetter
111CaterpieJocko HomoDevo11T
29ButterfreeL.A. WomanThe Doors15P
316NidoqueenOwner of a Lonely HeartYes26A
46ZubatBang Your Head (Metal Health)Quiet Riot211D
512OddishRock Me AmadeusFalco310R
63VenonatBrown SugarThe Rolling Stones42L
74MankeyPump up the JamTechnotronic55E
813PoliwagIce Ice BabyVanilla Ice515O
917VictreebelBohemian RhapsodyQueen61N
1120SeelBlack Hole SunSoundgarden710R
121KrabbyEverybody (Backstreet's Back)The Backstreet Boys84U
135ChanseyRay of LightMadonna88A
1414GoldeenChop SueySystem of a Down92L
158DittoDown With the SicknessDisturbed97D
1619AerodactylRenegades of FunkRage Against the Machine98E
177SlowkingBeverly HillsWeezer104E
182SnubbullGold DiggerKanye West1015N
1915ElekidWomanizerBritney Spears113T
2010LugiaI Kissed a GirlKaty Perry119E