Eat Your Veggies

By Ankur Mehta

Each team was given 14 bags with a specific number of items (or pieces of items) inside. The flavortext "That's an order!" suggests looking at the order of each type of food. Then, using the number of pieces in the bag to index into the order gives a set of letters. To give the ordering, each bag was sealed with a bread tag with a number from 1 to 14 on it. This gives the phrase USE OCCLUPANIDS. An occlupanid is another name for the bread tags - either looking at the reference on Wikipedia or searching should result in finding a link to HORG, the Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group. Reading this page reveals that the occlupanids also have taxonomic orders! The occlupanids are shown below. Each of them can be classified using one of the taxonomic orders listed on the HORG website. Then, using the number of items in the bag to index into the order of the occlupanid used to seal that bag gives the answer, ASPARAGUS SPEAR.

Bag numberItem insideNumberOrder of item in bagOrder of occlupanid
8Cinnamon stick3LauralesAcutignatha
9Water chestnut1PoalesSpinosaccula
12Dinosaur kale6BrassicalesToxodenta
14Sunflower seeds2AsteralesTridentia