Oski Wow Wow

By Pam Berkeley

The title of this puzzle, Oski Wow Wow, clues you in the direction of Cal spirit and Oski the Bear.

The flavortext was "Deep down, you can't help but sing along to these tracks," which clues you to pay attention to the "deep" notes in each file, and to "sing along", or pay attention to the lyrics.

8 mp3 files were provided to download as an "album", with track names being the first 8 letters of the alphabet presented in order. Each track contained the sound of bells playing various Cal fight songs.

Identifying the fight song and thus the lyrics and extracting the words that would be sung when the low notes were played in the file gives you most of the information needed for the intermediate clue phrase. The ordering of the clue phrase is given by the track numbers (from the ID3 tags). You get:

TrackNameName of Fight SongExtracted lyrics
1.BBig "C"hour
2.CCalifornia Drinking Songbefore
3.AGolden Bearsev'n
4.ESons of CaliforniaA
5.FToast to Californiabe
6.HCal Band MarchC
7.DStanford Jonahwill
8.GCalifornia Marching Songring

This indicates that the hour before seven (six o'clock) ABC (the alphabet song) will ring (where can you hear bells ringing on campus? - the carillon). If you listened to the campanile right after the clock chimed 6p (or got the recording file from hunt HQ), the alphabet song played with the letters AB...E...I...RSTU underscored by bass notes. If you re-ordered according to the track order from the intermediate clue phrase, you get BEARSUIT. (As worn by our beloved mascot, Oski).