Spare Parts

By Annelise Beck

Each of the images in the left column is a robot from a book/movie/anime/TV show. Each of the images in the right column represents a word that can be created by transaddition of one of the robot names (e.g. add one letter and then anagram to form another word). Taking the letters that were added to the robot names in the order that images in the right column are listed gives the answer FLYBACK TRANSFORMER.

Identification of robots and images:

Robot nameRobot is from:Corresponding imageExtra letter
ChiChobits (by CLAMP)richR
Daneelmultiple Isaac Asimov novelsendleafF
DataStar Trek: The Next Generation(Anwar) SadatS
FreyaSaturn's Children (by Charles Stross)Freaky (Friday)K
GalenBattlestar GalacticaflangeF
GIRInvader ZimbrigB
GortThe Day the Earth Stood StillgatorA
KITTKnight Rider(Hello) KittyY
LoreStar Trek: The Next GenerationErrol (Flynn)R
MarvinThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyMinerva (McGonagall)E
MelfinaOutlaw StarriflemanR
PrisBlade RunnerSpiro (Agnew)O
Ro-manRobot MonstermacronC
RosieThe JetsonsisomerM