The Right Tool For The Job

By Ankur Mehta

Each of the videos shows a person in a terrible situation that can only be fixed by an item from an infomercial. Identify the item (As Seen on TV is a good resource) and fill its name into the blanks underneath the video. Then, read the boxed letters in order of the videos. They give the clue phrase A FLAVORSTONE OR ORGREENIC GINSU WOULD BE A. Flavorstone and Orgreenic are brands of nonstick cookware sold in informercials, and a Ginsu knife is a classic infomercial product. The answer is NONSTICK KNIFE.

Fix a Flop Sandal PatchesAFLA
Love Your LobesVORS
Perfect Brownie PanTONE
Olde Brooklyn LanternOROR
Edge of Glory SharpenerGREE
Egg Genie Electric Egg CookerNICG
Insta BulbINSU
Sobakawa Cloud PillowWOUL
Drip Free UmbrellaDBEA