Witch's Brew

By Ankur Mehta

This is a game of Mastermind. Clicking "Add ingredients" evaluates the combinations of adjectives, animals, and body parts. The colors of the bubbles represent correct pairings according to RGB color codes: for example, purple represents a correct pairing of red and blue (adjectives and body parts). Grey bubbles represent completely correct sets of three.

The final sets then can be ordered by total length. The correct sets in order of total length are shown in the table below. Reading the first letter of each category gives a trigram from each set, and all those trigrams in order combine to form the answer, SHORT TAILED OPOSSUM FUR.

Slit-eye Hyena Ossicles
Red-toed Tapir Tentacles
Axe-hat Ichthyosaur Liver
Egg-borne Dingo Ovipositor
Plate-horn Orangutan Scales
Square-nosed Utahraptor Mane
Fang-toothed Unicorn Rostrums